Peak1001 is a not-for profit organisation that uses innovative and creative methods to support families and communities to push the edges of aspirational kinetics, specifically through:


• health and wellbeing;

• making the most of learning opportunities;

• aspirations to be and do something different, breaking the cycle of ‘can’t do’.

What we do…

The PEAK Journey

A journey of self-assessment, to check growth potential and personal learning development.


Breaking Moulds/
Shaping Teams

Inspiring shared, lasting and respectful values.


Digital Stories

Supporting individuals and families in telling their stories.



Pushing the Edges of Aspirational Kinetics


The name of the organisation is directly linked to its aims and follows a story. From the Greek ‘kinesis’, to move, we derive our idea of motion and energy. Aspiration is about not accepting the present reality but about moving towards an ideal state. ‘Pushing the edges’ is about not accepting things as they are but about believing in another way and doing something about it. Put it all together and you get peak – an organisation that encourages a new outlook on life, a belief that change for the better can happen. PEAK is about overcoming inertia, inspiring a journey, instilling resilience, and sustaining movement.


Why 1001?


Glyder Fawr, arguably one of Wales’ most difficult mountain scrambles was long held to be 999m above sea level. In 2010, a team of enthusiasts scaled its heights and strapped GPS equipment to its highest point. Signals from satellites orbiting 22,000km overhead showed the mighty mountain to be 1000.8m above sea level – but we round it up to 1001…


…pushing the edges of aspirational kinetics!